Vagus Energy is a new-age energy company and is proudly 100% Australian owned & operated. Our team has been involved in the energy sector for more than a decade and has a deep understanding of ongoing changes and future demands. Propelled by our mission to help consumers take things in their control, we aim to empower communities and businesses alike, and make things simpler and more efficient.

Your Tomorrow Inspires Our T o d a y
Why Vagus

Our Vision

To be a leader in our industry that works with stakeholders to achieve growth, excellence and sustainable development & wellbeing.

Our Mission

To build an energy business that creates value sustainability for our clients, staff and the communities in which we operate.

Why Vagus


Why Vagus


Customers are at the heart of our business. We adapt deftly to suit the needs of our customers and deliver what we promise.


We are honest, fair and conduct business with the highest ethical standards and respect.

Why Vagus
Why Vagus


We aspire to be a yardstick of quality with which people can measure excellence in both products and services.


We are honest, fair and conduct business with the highest ethical standards and respect.

Why Vagus
Why Vagus


We believe knowledge is power, the first step to which is a question. We strive to achieve success in our constant pursuit of knowledge.

Our Team

Dushyant Singh

(Founder & Managing Director)

Dushyant has over 12 years' experience within the Australia energy sector. He started as residential and business sales executive, and worked his way toheading business units and managing operations for some of the very dynamic and innovative organisations in the Australian energy sector.

Dushyant holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering as well as a Master’sdegree in Business (Information Technology).

Dushyant is currently based in Melbourne with his wife.

Energy consultants

Assessing your power consumption and evaluating the most effective and customized Solar solution to boost financial and environmental efficiency and help cut the costs to the customer.


To help the customer break down the capital and provide them with options at customer’s convenience, letting them enjoy the perks of solar system even before the settlement.

Product Suppliers

Supplying you with the premium best quality products and equipment to bring together a custom designed and E.E.E Solar system (Engineered – Efficient – Effective).


Putting together the designed system into function and making sure the system operates and actually helping you leap into using the solar energy.

Maintenance and Service Team

A specialized team for making sure that your system is well up and running and to provide you with an immediate service and maintenance assistance.