We make going solar easy. Every step of the way.

From the second we engage with you to the time your panels start producing power, we deliver the tools, support, and advice you need to make going solar simple. TALK TO OUR EXPERTS

Why Vagus

1. Consultation

We'll take a look at your energy needs, and tell you how much you can save by going solar. We'll also answer any of your questions. Simple, painless, and free.

2. Design

We'll stop by for a second visit to check out your roof, and gather information for our solar design team. Our team will create a custom system, designed to shrink your energy bill.

Why Vagus
Why Vagus

3. Permits & Paperwork

Your own personal Customer Account Manager will make sure that all of the permits and paperwork your energy distributor and retailer require are taken care of. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for installation day.

4. Installation

Once we've planned a system for you and signed a contract, It's time for Installation. On installation day, you can expect us to have your solar panels up and ready as scheduled. Once we’re finished, we’ll show you how to turn the system on and off.

Why Vagus
Why Vagus

5. Commissioning

On the day of install,our Clean Energy Council accredited installers will connect your inverter to the grid and commission your system. Once the PV system is commissioned, your panels are ready to be turned on, and you can start saving.